Hi, I'm Alex
I'm a translator and localization specialist. (Also, an avid gamer in the past and an artist in spirit.)

I help mobile app developers, gaming studios, and other companies adapt their amazing products for the Russian-speaking audience.

Small indie developers can also benefit from my services and even save on localization fees because a one-man enterprise doesn't eat a budget the way many-men enterprises do.

My work in numbers:
9+ years' experience

I have always been obsessed with languages—especially English-to-Russian translation. I have a translation-related degree and I've been translating professionally since 2010. In 2013, I started freelancing, and then turned to the video game localization in 2014.
30+ video games localized

I've worked on various genres such as, but not limited to, FPS, racing, e-sports, space flight simulators, superhero games, arcades, real-time strategies, and others. The shortest project took only a few days to complete; the longest lasted during a year and a half.
100+ mobile apps localized

I have worked on mobile games and apps for various categories including, but not limited to, music apps, photo editors, messenger apps, puzzles, trivia, arcade, sports, dash cams and much more.
2,600,000+ words translated

Definitely enough to let you know that I've got enough experience to make your creation shine in another language, just like it did in the original!

(I like to count everything. Every task completed since 2010 has been counted.)
I'm always open to customers and colleagues. Please feel free to contact me whether you have a project, want to collaborate with me, or just want to say hi!

For more info including education, diplomas, certificates, list of my clients, previous experience, and reference letters, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

I like travelling, painting, learning foreign languages (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, etc.), solving twisty puzzles, keeping myself fit, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

If you'd like to know more about me and what I do outside of my work, follow me on social media.