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Why your content needs to be in Russian

Russia is one of the world's largest markets, and it's expanding every year. By reaching more Russian-speaking users, you can boost both your downloads and your revenue.

As an English-Russian translator with nine years in the business, I can help you choose the perfect words to woo your target audience!

My Superpowers
Whether your creation is a video game, mobile app, website, software program, or any other type of multimedia product, I can translate your English text into seamless and culturally adapted Russian.
  • 1
    Video Game Localization
    I have not only a deep understanding of video game localization, but I personally enjoy gaming too! I was an avid gamer in the past and still like playing games. I even remember what IDDQD and IDKFA were ;)

    I've translated all kinds of game-related content including the trickiest ones such as wordplays and can help you make the text accompanying your product entertaining for Russian gamers!
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    Mobile App Localization
    I have translated over 100 mobile apps in various categories, including entertainment, business, trivia, puzzles, educational, races, arcades, sports, music apps, photo editors, apps for kids, and many more for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

    User interface strings, online help content, app store descriptions, screenshots, keywords, landing pages — I know how to properly translate all of these into Russian, taking into account platform specifics and aspects of the market.
  • 3
    Localization Testing
    A message in one language can be longer than in another. If you don't take this into account when preparing your product for localization, there might be problems in the localized version. Of course, the overlapping is not the only pitfall that might arise.

    Every localized product needs to be tested before going live. I can test your product on desktop or mobile to ensure that all strings fit the context, appear correctly on the screen, and don't overlap or get cut off.
  • 4
    Creative Adaptation
    Even a two-word social media banner, one-line ad, or a catchy slogan can be tricky to fully translate, especially if there is wordplay or rhyme in it. Things get even more complicated if that text is accompanied by an image.

    This process involves a lot of brainstorming. I transcreate banners and social media ads regularly and can help you creatively adapt yours.
  • 5
    Editing and Proofreading
    Need to check your translated text against source text or check to see how a translation stands alone? That's also doable!

    I can proofread text, strings, or any other content that was translated from English into Russian by another linguist, and review quality if needed. Two pairs of eyes are better than one!
My Work
Over the years, a long list of clients has benefitted from my services. Here are some of the many remarkable projects I've worked on as a translator, editor, proofreader, tester, etc.:
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Kolya
Photo by Oliver
Photo by Leo
Photo by Paul
Photo by Lea
Photo by Fabrice
Photo by Alex
Photo by Adam
Photo by Arnaud
Photo by Leopold
Photo by Katie
Photo by Tiana
Photo by Mohd

Most of the titles I'm currently working on or have worked on in the past cannot be revealed because of non-disclosure agreements.

The experience they have afforded me makes them an important part of my portfolio, so they certainly deserve being on this page too.

Here's a small selection:

Localization of the entire UI and regular updates (10,000+ words translated) since March 2017
Localization of the main user interface and daily content for a popular basketball game (340,000+ words translated) from July 2016 until October 2018
An Intelligent Alarm Clock App
Translation of in-app content, app store descriptions, screenshots, and regular updates (11,800+ words translated)
A large, challenging localization project for a high-profile client (180,000+ words translated) from April 2015 until January 2016
Participation in localization of a turn-based strategy game (7,000+ words translated) in October 2015
An Analytical App for Golf Players
Translation of the site content and entire UI of an app that provides detailed golf stats (10,000+ words translated)
My largest project ever for a high-profile client (500,000+ words translated!) from May 2014 until January 2016
A Weather Forecasting App
Only 400+ words translated, but a challenging and interesting project that allowed me to learn something new
Hours and Hours of Localization Quality Assurance (AAA)
Troubleshooting of contextual translation issues, language issues, and UI issues in a story-driven, third-person action-adventure (40 hours of reviewing), in a co-op adventure game (15 hours of reviewing), in a drag-racing game (8 hours of reviewing) etc., etc.
Screenshots & Social Media Banners
200+ screenshots and social media ads transcreated for various games, including some popular real-time strategies, almost all with two back-translations and rationales
Localization of regular content and user manuals (27,000+ words translated) from May 2014 until May 2015
An MMO tank battle game (AAA)
Proofread 20,000+ word content full of warfare content and tank-related terminology
I helped hundreds of clients both direct and indirect and handled more than 7,500,000 words (translation & proofreading combined) since the beginning of my translation career.

Definitely enough experience to make your creation shine in Russian, just like it did in the original
My Guarantee
I guarantee six things to every client who chooses my services:
  • 1
    I give the same care and attention to every job, no matter how small or large, and strive to deliver top notch translations every single time.

    I won't be happy if my Russian text flows unnaturally or if I've got any lingering doubts that haven't been clarified. Stay in touch during the project in case something needs clarification or resolution and the translation will flow freely.
  • 2
    My powerful tools allow me to maintain consistency, speed up my process, save me precious time, save your budget, and return to a given project or work on different projects in parallel, even if somebody else has worked on them previously.

    If I'm not provided with glossaries, I compile them as I go so I'm using consistent terms across a project. Apart from that, I have all the up-to-date terminology used by third parties such as Xbox, PS, Windows, Android, iOS, etc.
  • 3
    A good translation should be invisible.
    I strive to make my work read like it was originally written in Russian, letting your users focus on your product and not on my translation.

    Where necessary, I also provide useful additional notes and suggestions to help implementation of the localized text go as seamlessly as possible.
  • 4
    I don't just translate your words, I convey your ideas! And I do so with your Russian-speaking audience firmly in mind. When it comes to transcreation, I even provide back-translations and rationales to explain my choice of words when needed.
  • 5
    With so many game, app, website, social media, user-interface, and general multimedia translations from English to Russian under my belt after so many years, I know how to handle variables and can translate without corrupting your code.
  • 6
    Timely Delivery
    Your project will be delivered by the agreed deadline or ahead of it depending on my workload or queries that might arise along the way.

Need more languages?

I have a tiny team of other enthusiastic native linguists who are ready to help you translate your way to victory from and into other languages!

Happy Clients
I'm grateful to so many of my clients for putting their trust in me. Here's what just a few of them have to say:
  • UK, USA

    Fantastic collaboration thanks to his deep knowledge into gaming and his on time delivery of outstanding quality!

  • Argentina, USA

    After collaborating with Alexander in many English-Russian localization projects, we strongly recommend him! He is a committed professional and his work is impeccable.

  • tiim.lv, Latvia
    Thank you so much for your work! Everything was done in time and with high quality! Recommend!
  • CEO at Applingua, UK
    Great working with Alexander - friendly and capable. Really helped us out this time!
  • Jonas Hovgaard
    After working with several other Russian translators, I finally found Alex. He always insist on understanding the context and provide precise translations. No complaints ever, I can only recommend.
  • Sinan Tözer
    Wixot Games, UK, Turkey
    It was great to work with Alexander. Totally recommending him for app localizations!
  • Japan, USA
    Alexander Manaenkov is qualified in:
    -Proofread level in English to Russian
    -Pro level in English to Russian
    -Standard level in English to Russian

    Alexander has been a valued member of our community since January 22, 2014 and has completed 3,091 approved jobs (32,884 words/characters). Using our unique checking system, Alexander's average quality score is 9.46/10 with 0 rejected translations.

    Reference letters: November 2014, May 2017
    Also, see the public profile here (fully managed by Gengo)
  • Daniel Schaefers
    Senior Localisation Manager at App Annie, UK
    Alexander is a very professional service provider who is reliable and delivers not only on time but also outstanding quality. Anyone should be happy to work with him. I cannot recommend Alexander highly enough.
  • China, Hungary
    Alexander is a very professional, friendly, reliable and helpful linguist. We are looking forward to working with him again.

    See the certificate of appreciation here: Outstanding Partner of the Year 2023
Got a video game localization project? Want to join me or say hi? Drop me a line!
Alexander Manaenkov
I'm based in Tomsk, a city in the middle of Russia famous for its historical wooden architecture