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Translation of Marvel: Contest of Champions daily content
June 2015 — February 2017
I had the pleasure of being involved with the super hero mobile game that holds pride of place in my portfolio—Marvel: Contest of Champions.

I was one of the Russian linguists and participated in the localization of this amazing game for almost a year and a half.

I didn't work on the main interface, instead working on regular content such as in-game messages that players receive in their inbox. I localized daily, weekly, monthly, holiday offers, in-app purchases, quest descriptions, character and item names as well.
I even became a fan of MCoC myself. The more I played, the deeper my understanding of the game mechanics, unique character abilities, and item powers was. I knew what it took for players to obtain in-game items and what efforts they need to make to progress towards a much-desired reward. Additionally, I was granted even better understanding of real text limitations on the screens.

All of this helped me choose the proper words while adapting the content so that it felt truly entertaining for Russian players, but still managed to convey the right meaning.
This is the project I am most proud of being able to include in my portfolio

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